Comprehensive Annotation For Ecology (CAFE)

Claas-Thido Pfaff, David Eichenberg, Mario Liebergesell, Birgitta K├Ânig-Ries and Christian Wirth

Ecology has become a data intensive science that often relies on reusing existing data or research results. The reuse requires efficient data discovery mechanisms which work the best with good quality metadata. Faceted navigation is a popular way to search for data that is used in a wide range of applications today. We here introduce a vocabulary, that has been designed to be used for faceted data discovery in ecology, and an XML annotation schema based on the vocabulary. The schema complements existing and established metadata standards available in life sciences (Access to biological collection data, Ecological Metadata Language, Darwin Core). It has the potential to significantly improve the discovery of data in ecology finding data suitable to answer a specific research question more easily.