Migrating From BEXIS 1 To BEXIS 2

Michael Owonibi, Eleonora Petzold, Andreas Ostrowski

The development of BEXIS 2 is motivated by the need to make BExIS version 1 (BEXIS 1) generic, modular and extensible. To achieve this, several fundamental changes were made to the BExIS 1. These include changes to the data model, removal of project specific functionalities, introduction of new concepts etc. Therefore, migrating from BEXIS 1 to BEXIS 2 involves development of functionalities which exist in BEXIS 1 but are not part of the BEXIS 2 core. Some of these functionalities which we have developed include tools for fieldbook management, publication management, and information/documents sharing. Other BEXIS 1 functionalities which are being/will be developed include tools for plotchart management, LUI computation, climate data management, visualization, webGIS etc. In addition, migrating to BEXIS 2 also involves the transfer of data from BEXIS 1 database to BEXIS 2 for all functionalities which exist in both systems. This task involves the mapping of concepts from BEXIS 1 to BEXIS 2, after which data transfer is carried out based on the mapping. The data transfer task for several BEXIS 2 functionalities are in various stages of development. Overall, the migration tools presented can be used who intend to migrate to BEXIS 2 from BEXIS 1.