Resource Booking Management Tool Development in BEXIS 2

Michael Owonibi, Eleonora Petzold

Booking, which is the act of reserving resources in advance, is an important component of the operations of organizations, from enterprise-level businesses, to research organisation. Resource booking application can be used in research organisations for managing data collection equipment, laboratories, fieldwork resources, classrooms and even accommodation. Several Booking Management Systems (BMS) have been developed for managing the managing this booking process. However, a common issue with most of these BMS’s is that they are typically developed to serve a particular use case or context, and this usually limits their re-usability. To address this issue, we propose a generic, flexible, and extendable BMS model. This model consists of components for managing resource definition, constraints, schedules, booking workflows and their specifications, events etc. We also developed a configurable application based on the model as a module in BEXIS 2. We believe our model and application can fulfill moderately complex booking requirements of organisations.