Usability and user experience of BEXIS 2: An account of data upload sprint in iDiv

Jitendra Gaikwad, Martin Hohmuth

The German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) is a large scale collaborative research environment, where managing heterogeneous biodiversity data is a big challenge. More than two hundred iDiv scientists use and produce multidisciplinary biodiversity datasets including plant traits, land-use, plot-inventories, metabolomics, species distributions, climate and taxonomic with spatial and temporal dimensions ranging from local to global. In order to support biodiversity data management and preservation in this complex setting, the iDiv Biodiversity Informatics Unit (BDU) is using the BEXIS 2 data management platform.
Recently, over a period of one month the BDU had conducted the data upload sprint sessions. As a result, more than two hundred heterogeneous datasets were uploaded to the iBDP. In this talk, we report on the usability and user experience of BEXIS 2, based on feedback provided by more than eighty registered users from iDiv who participated in the data upload sessions. We believe the user feedback gained through this event will help BEXIS 2 developer community to address usability bottlenecks and develop more user-friendly BEXIS 2 data management platform.