Dina Sharafeldeen

Researcher/ Ph.D. Candidate

Leutragraben 1, Jentower

Room: 17N02


Join date: 2016-05-08



Towards Using Semantic Data Mining for Predicting Community Assembly
Dina sharafeldeen, Michael Owonibi, Birgitta König-Ries
Proceedings of the 29th GI-Workshop Grundlagen von Datenbanken
Blankenburg/Harz, Germany 30.5.2017


Current Projects

BioDialog: Intercultural Dialog through Biodiversity Informatics
Ein Kooperationsprojekt der Universität Jena mit der Assiut University und der Ain Shams University, Ägypten und der Sfax University, Tunesien This project serves to prepare a more ambitious three-year project aiming to bring together two vital topics: data management on the one hand and biodiversity research on the other hand. The BioDialog project has the following main objectives: It aims firstly, to establish a scientific exchange, founded on regional expertise which allows understanding biodiversity and biodiversity informatics practices in their specific local context. Biodiversity and biodiversity informatics are common phenomena. However, they have different effects in different contexts which cannot…
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GFBio WP1 - Portal
GFBio (The German Federation for Biological Data, http://www.gfbio.org) supports environmental biology research with enhanced data services. It currently provides a portal search across several archives and collections with access to about 400.000 biodiversity metadata files. The majority of this data is linked with primary research data which in a first prototype for visualization can be displayed on interactive configurable maps. Our group is responsible for the portal set up, maintenance and the integration of tools and services developed by GFBio partners. The well established portal technology Liferay and state-of-the-art portlet standards such as JSR268 and Widgets/Gadgets support the vision to provide one single point of entry for different kinds of tools for data management and data analysis. Currently, we are working on archiving functions, user management enhancement, advanced search features and the integration of personalization and semantic web techniques.
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