M.Eng. Kobkaew Opasjumruskit

Researcher/Ph.D. Candidate

Leutragraben 1, Jentower

T: +49(0)3641-946413


Curriculum Vitae

Submitted thesis download link:

Cross-Formalism Resource Discovery in Smart Environments



Honey bee versus Apis mellifera: A Semantic Search for Biological Data
Felicitas Löffler, Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, Naouel Karam, David Fichtmüller, Friederike Klan, Claudia Müller-Birn, Uwe Schindler and Michael Diepenbroek
Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2017)
Portoroz, Slovenia 31.5.2017


Dynamic strategies for query constructing and rank merging from multiple search engines
Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, Birgitta Koenig-Ries, Jesus Exposito
Service Oriented and Cloud Computing - 4th European Conference (ESOCC 2015)
Taormina, Italy 16.9.2015


Service discovery with personal awareness in smart environments
Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, Jesús Expósito, Birgitta König-Ries, Andreas Nauerz, Martin Welsch
IGI Global - Creating Personal, Social, and Urban Awareness through Pervasive Computing


MERCURY: User Centric Device and Service Processing – Demo paper
Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, Jesús Expósito, Birgitta König-Ries, Andreas Nauerz, Martin Welsch
ABIS Workshop
Konstanz, Germany 1.9.2012
MERCURY : User Centric Device & Service Processing
Birgitta König-Ries, Kobkaew Opasjumruskit, Andreas Nauerz and Martin Welsch
MKWI 2012
Braunschweig, Germany 1.2.2012


Current Projects

GFBio WP1 - Portal
GFBio (The German Federation for Biological Data, http://www.gfbio.org) supports environmental biology research with enhanced data services. It currently provides a portal search across several archives and collections with access to about 400.000 biodiversity metadata files. The majority of this data is linked with primary research data which in a first prototype for visualization can be displayed on interactive configurable maps. Our group is responsible for the portal set up, maintenance and the integration of tools and services developed by GFBio partners. The well established portal technology Liferay and state-of-the-art portlet standards such as JSR268 and Widgets/Gadgets support the vision to provide one single point of entry for different kinds of tools for data management and data analysis. Currently, we are working on archiving functions, user management enhancement, advanced search features and the integration of personalization and semantic web techniques.
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Mercury is a joint project between the Institute of Computer Science at FSU Jena and the IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH in Boeblingen. The main objective of this project is to develop a system that combines the user centric device and service processing. Since the integrated system of utilizing a heterogeneous infrastructure of simple sensors and actuators is complicated for average users, we aim to overcome the complexity of this system integration.
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