The Story of an Experiment:A Provenance-based Semantic Approach towards Research Reproducibility

Sheeba Samuel, Kathrin Groeneveld, Frank Taubert, Daniel Walther, Tom Kache, Teresa Langenstück, Birgitta König-Ries, H. Martin Bücker and Christoph Biskup
11th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences (SWAT4HCLS 2018), Antwerp, Belgium, 2018-12-05

ADOnIS: An ontology-based information system providing seamless integration of structured and unstructured data

Alsayed Algergawy, Friederike Klan, Erik Faessler, Hamdi Hamed, Bernd Kampe, Birgitta König-Ries and Udo Hahn
11th International Conference on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Health Care and Life Sciences (SWAT4HCLS 2018), Antwerp, Belgium, 2018-12-03

BioOntoVis: An Ontology Visualization Tool

Nassira Achich, Alsayed Algergawy, Bassem Bouaziz and Birgitta König-Ries
21st International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management- EKAW, Nancy-France, 2018-11-12

Visrepo: A Centralized and Open Source Visualization Repository and Knowledgebase

Pawandeep Kaur, Andreas Ostrowski
VisGuides: 2nd Workshop on the Creation, Curation, Critique and Conditioning of Principles and Guidelines in Visualization, Workshop at IEEE VIS, Berlin, 2018-10-22

ProvBook: Provenance-based Semantic Enrichment of Interactive Notebooks for Reproducibility

Sheeba Samuel and Birgitta König-Ries
The 17th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) Demo Track 2018, Monterey, California, USA, 2018-10-10

Towards FAIR data in Biodiversity Exploratories project

Andreas Ostrowski, Cornelia Fürstenau, Eleonora Petzold, Franziska Zander and Birgitta König-Ries
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics, 2018-09-24

Research data management in action – demonstrating the full range of features of the BEXIS 2 platform

Roman Gerlach, Andreas Ostrowski, Jitendra Gaikwad and Alsayed Algergawy
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics, 2018-09-24

A Data Mining Approach for Species Co-occurrence Prediction

Dina Sharafeldeen, Alsayed Algergawy, Birgitta König-Ries
10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics- Translating Ecological Data into Knowledge and Decisions in a Rapidly Changing World., Jena, Germany, 2018-09-24

Combined Features for Content Based Image Retrieval: A Comparative Study

Nora Youssef, Alsayed Algergawy, Ibrahim Moawad and El-Sayed El-Horbaty
4th International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Systems and Informatics (AISI’18), Egypt, 2018-09-01

Ontology ABox Comparison

Jan Martin Keil
ESWC 2018 Satellite Events: PhD Symposium, Crete, Greece, 2018-08-02

A Framework for Efficient Matching of Large-Scale Metadata Models

Seham Moawed, Alsayed Algergawy, Amany Sarhan, and Ali Eldosouky
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Springer (, 2018-07-01

Combining P-Plan and the REPRODUCE-ME Ontology to Achieve Semantic Enrichment of Scientific Experiments using Interactive Notebooks

Sheeba Samuel and Birgitta König-Ries
15th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) Posters & Demo 2018, Crete, Greece, 2018-06-06

Issues and Suggestions for the Development of a Biodiversity Data Visualization Support Tool

Pawandeep Kaur, Friederike Klan and Birgitta König-Ries
20th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (Eurovis2018), Brno, Czech Republic, 2018-06-06

Towards an Ecological Trait-data Standard

Florian D Schneider, Malte Jochum, Gaëtane Le Provost, Andreas Ostrowski, Caterina Penone, David Fichtmüller, Anton Güntsch, Martin M. Gossner, Birgitta König-Ries, Pete Manning, Nadja K. Simons
bioRxiv, 2018-05-31

Comparison and Evaluation of Ontologies for Units of Measurement

Jan Martin Keil, Sirko Schindler
Semantic Web journal, IOS Press, 2018-03-07

Convective excitation of inertial modes in binary neutron star mergers

Roberto De Pietri, Alessandra Feo, José A. Font, Frank Löffler, Francesco Maione, Michele Pasquali, Nikolaos Stergioulas
arXiv: gr/gc, accepted at Phys. Rev. Lett., 2018-02-09