Welcome to the 1st BExIS 2 User and Developer Conference!

This 2-day conference brought together users, developers and data managers of both BExIS & BExIS 2 data management platforms. It was a community gathering featuring keynote talks, user presentations, tutorials and hackathons.

Thank you!

It’s time to say thank you to those people, who made this conference possible and turned it into a success. First of all we would like to express our gratitude to DFG for providing the funding and having a dedicated funding scheme for such events. A word of thanks goes to all contributors who submitted abstracts and gave excellent presentations. A special thanks goes to Isabella and Annett for organizing the catering and their continuous support throughout the conference. Having our own conference website would not have been possible without the help of Sirko and Dorotheé, many thanks for that. Last but not least it’s time to say thanks to the University of Jena, especially the International Office, for hosting us in the beautiful “Haus auf der Mauer” and being extremely flexible and supportive.