Usefulness and challenges in visualization solution integration: A case study from BExIS

Pawandeep Kaur (University of Jena, Germany)

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of the power of visualization in condensing, and integrating large amount of diverse, distributed datasets into understandable graphics. The increased use of visualization in the different stages of data management (e.g. discovery, quality assurance, analysis, etc.), therefore, justifies the need for its inclusion in research data management platform. The requirements of visualization vary with the stage of data management. In this talk, we report on our experience w.r.t. requirements and challenges of providing a “visualization for data presentation” functionality for the Biodiversity Exploratories instance of BExIS v1 system. This functionality is based on RAW visualization library and helps researchers to create a custom visualization for their datasets. Some of the issues that were faced was related to data size, integration, security, data quality, data localization etc. We believe that these issues need more uniform and stable solutions, to allow a consistent workflow within the system.

Presentation (PDF)