Migrating From BExIS v1 To BExIS v2

Michael Owonibi (University of Jena, Germany)

The development of BExIS version 2 (BExIS v2) is motivated by the need to make BExIS version 1 (BExIS v1) generic, modular and extensible. To achieve this, several fundamental changes have been made to the BExIS v1. These include changes to the data model, removal of project specific functionalities, introduction of new concepts etc. We therefore, present the progress we have made in developing tool and guidelines that will assist in migrating from BExIS v1 to BExIS v2. One of the main tasks of the tool is the migration of data e.g. primary data, metadata, user and security data etc. And this involves the mapping of concepts from BExIS v1 to BExIS v2 and the manual creation of concepts which exists in BExIS v2 but not in BExIS v1. Other tasks include the development of functionalities that exist in BExIS v1 but not in BExIS v2 because of its generic nature. Overall, this tool and guideline will, ideally be useable by organizations who are currently using BExIS v1 and intend to migrate in the future to BExIS v2.

Presentation (PDF)