Functionality to automatically login in to BExIS 2 from an external application

Martin Hohmuth and Steffen Dobritz (University of Jena, Germany)

iDiv’s Data Portal is consists of two components namely Liferay as general user interface and BEXIS 2 for data management. For the data portal user it is unfriendly to register and login twice. To address this issue a solution to enable automatic login to BEXIS 2 was required.

We developed and implemented a functionality to enable automatic login to BEXIS 2 from Liferay. For the implementation purpose central authentication service LDAP/AD is required. The user logs’ in Liferay and the credentials are verified by LDAP/AD. For data management the user has to login in to BEXIS 2, which is accessible via a link in Liferay. During the login process Liferay fetches the unique user identifier from LDAP/AD, encrypts and sends it to BEXIS 2. After receiving the information, BEXIS 2 decrypts the identifier and validates it against the LDAP/AD. Based on authentication the user is granted or denied access to the data management component.

Presentation (PDF)