Just a few clicks away from long-term data storage – BExIS from GFBio’s perspective

Kobkaew Opasjumruskit1, Felicitas Löffler1, Marcel Frömming1 and David Blaa2 (1University of Jena, Germany, 2Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena, Germany)

Research projects in the life and environmental sciences all have the common problem when funding runs out: What to do with the collected data? Even if data is stored in a data management system like BExIS2, there is no universal solution yet. Attempting to fill in this gap, GFBio (The German Federation for the Curation of Biological Data), a consortium of research institutions, data centers, collections and archives, was founded with the objective to establish a national infrastructure for long-term data storage, data analysis and data search. Users can benefit from a close collaboration between BExIS2 and GFBio in terms of data submission. Based on the requirements from GFBio’s associated archives, primary- and metadata from BExIS2 will be refined and transferred to the appropriate data center. Once the data has been successfully archived, the data will become accessible and citable via GFBio’s portal interface. We are going to present the currently provided services and the latest development in terms of exporting data from BExIS2 into GFBio.
In addition, we would like to discuss with the audience open questions like the overall dataflow, use cases and where we can automate the submission process.

Presentation (PDF)