BEXIS 2 is a free and open source software (LGPL 3.0) supporting researchers in managing their data throughout the entire data life cycle from data collection, documentation, processing, analyzing, to sharing and publishing research data.

BEXIS 2 is a modular scalable platform suitable for working groups and collaborative project consortia with up to several hundred researchers. It has been designed to meet the requirements of researchers in the field of biodiversity, but it is generic enough to serve other communities as well.


End User Features


Search Data

Find datasets by keyword (incl. autocomplete) or use facets, filtering, sorting to quickly retrieve the dataset you need.

Upload Data

Upload your tabular data or any other type of data to BEXIS 2 and describe it with metadata.

Web API Access

Beside downloading a dataset from the portal, you may also retrieve data stored in BEXIS directly with a script or from your application (e.g. R) using API calls.


Dataset Permissions

Specify fine grained data permissions on who can view, access, or update your dataset

Re-use Data Structures

Design your dataset by specifying its data structures, variables, or units only once in BEXIS 2 and re-use them for any dataset.

Dataset Versioning

Keep track of the evolution of your dataset (i.e. who did what and when) and return to any previous version if needed.


Data Publication

Publish your dataset with a renown data repository or data journal (e.g. GFBio, Biodiversity Data Journal) and make it a citeable data publication identified by a DOI.

Single Sign-on

Use your existing credentials of your organisation to log on to BEXIS. No need to remember another username and password.


System Admin / Data Manager Features


Customizable Search Interface

Customize the Search Interface, e.g. select the metadata elements to be indexed and shown, specify the facets, and determine the representation of search results.

Use Multiple Metadata Schemas

Import multiple metadata schemas (XSD) relevant to your user community and map them to system types. For each schema a custom form will be generated by BEXIS 2.

Support for Multiple DBMS

Run BEXIS 2 on top of your preferred Data Base Management System. BEXIS 2 runs on PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server. Others can be implemented easily.


Notification Framework

BEXIS 2 comes with a notification framework to send out custom messages (e.g. via email) to users on specific actions.

System Feature Permission

Specify fine grained permissions on system features and tools for individual users or groups.

Extensible Architecture

BEXIS 2 follows a modular design and can be integrated with external applications and services or extended with custom modules


Party Package

Manage information about organizations, institutes, projects, people, (or any custom type) and their relationships in one place and re-use this information throughout the system.

Multi Tenant

Easily customize the look and feel of the BEXIS 2 user interface and have your individual branding.