BEXIS 2.11.1 patch released


We have released a patch for BEXIS 2.11.0. If you are running BEXIS 2.11.0 we recommend upgrading to version 2.11.1.

The following issues have been fixed:
– Login with an LDAP account is now working again.
– Tooltip was added to the search result table.
– Data API did not return any result.
– Metadata entries with cardinality > 1 were not stored or reordered.
– Indexing search including primary data threw an error.
– Units without description were not visible by the variable creation.
– Selecting no Broker in the dropdown entry in the publication tab threw an error.
– Updating metadata form after selecting the file in a wrong format froze the form.
– Entity selection in the metadata structure manager showed namespace instead of the names.
– Install manual was not up to date.

Please check out the release note for more details.

BExIS 2.11.1 is freely available on our website.