BEXIS 2 – research data management towards data integration.

Title: BEXIS 2 – research data management towards data integration.
Authors: Birgitta König-Ries, Javad Chamanara, David Blaa, Sven Thiel, Martin Hohmuth, Nafiseh Navabpour
Source: SciDataCon 2016, International Data Week
Place: Denver, CO, USA
Date: 2016-09-13
Type: Conference Paper

BEXIS 2 is an open source software for research data management in large scale projects with several hundred researchers. It has been designed to support the entire data life cycle during the active project phase. Requirements have been gathered from researchers in the biodiversity domain. However, it may serve other communities, too. In the Biodiversity domain a large portion of the data is collected in the field or laboratory and is structured as tabular data. Generic data management repositories (e.g. Fedora Repository, DSpace, ckan) mostly do not handle the internal structure of a dataset. With BEXIS 2 researchers are able to design, store and re-use data structures, which facilitates data discovery and data integration. In BEXIS 2 data structures of tabular data comprise any number of variables, which can be defined by a data type, a unit of measurement, and various other constraints. This precise definition strongly supports discoverability and reuse of data. Other advanced features of the current BEXIS 2 system are dataset versioning, management of multiple metadata schema, a faceted search and customizable data access (i.e. filter, sort, select, views), direct data access through APIs and a highly flexible security system (incl. single sign-on).