BEXIS 2.11.0

Based on the feedback of the BEXIS community a number of new features and improvements have been introduced with this new version of BEXIS 2.

What’s new:

– A new data import feature is added that extracts the data structure from Excel files allowing users to ingest data into BEXIS 2 much easier.

– BEXIS 2 now includes a notification framework

– In addition to the data publication workflow from BEXIS to, a first version of a similar workflow now supports data publication with Pensoft’s data journals (e.g. the Biodiversity Data Journal). The workflow towards has been adapted as well to reflect changes in the GFBio API and to create specific data packages for GFBio repositories.

– BEXIS 2 is now fully modularized, allowing system administrators to un-/install and de-/activate modules in a running instance of BEXIS 2

– A completely new module, called Party Package,  has been added to manage information about organizations, institutes, projects, people and their relationships within a BEXIS instance.

– Creating and managing mappings between metadata structures (i.e. schemas) and elements of the new party package are now available.

– Authentication in BEXIS 2 now operates on ASP.NET Core Identity 3.0.

– BEXIS 2 now handles entities other than datasets, such as events, resources, etc.

– The properties of tenants are extended so they can be configured through the configuration files.


For a new installation please use the following package:

Additional Software (.NET Framework 4.5.2)
(required if not installed already)

Demo Version:

Installation Guide



Release Notes



BEXIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.

If you have any problems installing or using BEXIS 2 please do not hesitate contacting us at:

This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.


User Guides

BEXIS User Guides are available for individual features and modules. We will keep them updated with each new release and add new ones as new features become available.

Data Planning User Guide.pdf

Data Collection User Guide.pdf

System Administration User Guide.pdf

Data Dissemination User Guide.pdf

Data Discovery User Guide.pdf

Party Package User Guide.pdf