BEXIS 2.14.4

Hello beloved community

from the home office we send greetings and wish good health.
To make the challenging time a little more bearable, we send besides the greetings also a patch for BEXIS 2 that you should not miss.

Have fun with BEXIS 2.14.4

Attention ! changes have been made in SMTP credentials and web.config. If an update is made, please use the new files and adapt them.


  • New API to retieve all metadata by schema name (api/MetadataBySchema/{Schema name}) (#733)
  • Add new Landing page option to allow on “no permission” forward to a public landing page for logged-in user (#719)


  • Metadata Edit: Show, if a linked metadata field is connected or filled with free text (#607)
  • Metadata Edit: Sort autocomplete list (party: e.g. persons, projects) alphabetic and hide duplicates in the list (#697)
  • Metadata Edit: Mark autocomplete fields for user (#608)
  • Metadata Edit – Data structure: make edit link more visible (#722)
  • Metadata Edit – Data structure: Show “Create Variable Template” button based on permission and settings (#723)
  • Metadata Edit – Create Links: truncate dataset title and sort descending (newest first) (#703) (#714)
  • Data structure list: Show linked datasets for each data structure (#765)
  • Dashboard: Show full title and do not truncate (#718)
  • Dashboard: Add other dataset types (e.g., Publication) (#663)
  • Dashboard/Search: Change default order from ASC to DESC; (#693)
  • View parties: Increase Paging options and default value to 100 instead of 10 (#731)
  • Registration form: prevent to fill out by bots (#622)
  • Data Upload: Increase the size of “changedescription” field in datasetversions (#698)
  • Manage Datasets: Show title in list (#712)
  • Manage Requests Admin: Add Dataset ID to table (#751)
  • Requests: Increase the size of Intention field (#736)
  • API: Extend data statistic API by variable information (#749)


  • Fix Edit – View – Edit not possible: CreateTaskmanager not able to handle multiple tabs (#720)
  • Fix validation for Excel files fails (wrong start & end column calculation) (#701)
  • Fix existing relationships are not shown in user’s view (#708)
  • Fix Cancel button disappears after a click on Validate during metadata edit (#711)
  • Fix Add IF EXISTS to DROP mv during Purge of datasets (#732)
  • Fix Change email address in Party by Admin does not update user email (#729)
  • Fix Conversion from JSON to DataTable converts NULL values to max.value instead (#739)
  • Fix Order number should never have gaps during data structure save (#745)
  • Fix setRelationships() (called during Create Dataset) does not allow multiple entity types (only “Dataset”) (#748)
  • Fix ActionInfo -> IsComplete() checks 3 times the same (#721)
  • Fix Data structure template validation error (#740)
  • Fix Effective rights not shown correctly (#679)
  • Fix API: MetadataOut can not handle CheckedOut datasets (#734)
  • Fix Metadata edit/creation: Entries from 2nd complex block onward saved incomplete (#758)


Demo Version:

Full Release Informations: Bexis 2.14.4 Release on github

Help for Users/Admins/Developers

More help and information can be found on our GitHub – Wiki page.

The page is divided into:


The application needs a workspace where files are stored that are used for configuration.

The initial version of the workspace can be found here:

List of new Modules

Release Notes


BEXIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.

If you have any problems installing or using BEXIS 2 please do not hesitate contacting us at: This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.