BEXIS 2.14.5

Hello beloved community

before you rush off into the weekend, wait a minute. here’s some great news. We have released a small but nice new patch.

Yes, BEXIS2 2.14.5 is now available.

Look forward to Monday and having fun with BEXIS2 stay healthy

BEXIS2 Core Dev Team

Release Notes

Attention: Changes were made in the web.config in line: 72 (see #803)


  • Data policy checkbox removed from registration (does not need to be agreed on) (#784)
  • Requests and Decissions: Date column sortable (#781)
  • Replace “Show Data/Dataset” by the current entity name (e.g. Publication) (#769)
  • Sort users descending by id (manage parties)(#806)
  • Sort data structures descending by id (#807)
  • Sort users descending by id (#826)
  • Permission Requests: User without request features rights should not be able to send requests (#809)
  • Prevent newer metadata versions do not use materialized view, although data has not changed (#823)
  • EmailService allows optional attachments #814)


  • Fix only a maximum of 100 variables possible inside a data structure (max size of JSON objects too small) (#803)
  • Fix files with longer file names not possible for upload (URI field to short for contentdescriptor) (#800)
  • Fix appliaction name missing in header on Log In page (#786)
  • Fix user names during registration should not allow ending spaces (#786)
  • Fix missing white space on primary data page (#780)
  • Fix missing “Terms and Conditions” link in footer (#785)
  • Fix error during data validation (constraints not checked correctly) (#792)(#804)
  • Fix data structure was not anymore editable after import (#791)
  • Fix missing checkedIn after rollback during data upload (#805)
  • Fix missing values sometimes disappaer after save (#774)
  • Fix download metadata only returned latest version (#771)
  • Fix image view can not be closed (unstructured data) (#797)
  • Fix primary data of unstructured datasets are not visible without rights in public data view (#799)
  • Fix download notification are send on image preview (#767)
  • Fix dataset download as Excel for > 1 Mio for Datasets should not be allowed (#825)
  • Fix default execution time for SQL statements by default only 60 seconds (now 3 minutes) (#816)


Demo Version:

Full Release Informations: Bexis 2.14.5 Release on github

Help for Users/Admins/Developers

More help and information can be found on our GitHub – Wiki page.

The page is divided into:


The application needs a workspace where files are stored that are used for configuration.

The initial version of the workspace can be found here:

List of new Modules

Release Notes


BEXIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3.

If you have any problems installing or using BEXIS 2 please do not hesitate contacting us at: This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.