BExIS 2.5.1


Due to a bug in handling datasets with EML metadata structures viewing and downloading of these datasets was not working properly. So this is primarily a bug fix release, although it contains two small improvements in the data planning module as well. When creating new data structures users are now able to add similar data attributes multiple times with a counter. Also, copying entire data structures is now possible.

With version 2.5.0 of the BExIS data management application the security system has been altered and extended following a number of user requests. Most importantly, the system now provides single sign-on authentication using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). So users are now able to register with the system using existing credentials from their home organization, for example.

The security system is now based on the more common User/Group model instead of the User/Role model. This is primarily a name change. Upon another user request, permissions on dataset can now be specified more fine-grained (Create, View, Update, Delete, Download, Grant).

Another new feature of this release is that BExIS 2 now provides an export function for metadata. With this feature metadata structures are transformed into XML files comforming either to the EML or ABCD standard. This function is primarily designed for data managers and administrators who want to make selected datasets available for data discovery by external portals. This feature was developed through the German Federation for the Curation of Biological Data (GFBio).

In order to reduce the effort of setting up a new BExIS 2 instance the application is now shipped with a basic set of units and data types taken from the National Center for Biomedical Ontology.

Besides these new features, extensive testing has been conducted on all components, resulting once more in number of bugs and improvements being identified and fixed.



For a new installation without version 2.5.0 installed, please use the following package:


If you have version 2.5.0 installed and just want to update, please use the following patch:


Additional Software (.NET 4, ASP.Net)

required if not installed already


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Release Notes



BExIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3

If you have any problems installing or using BExIS 2.5.1 please do not hesitate contacting us at:

This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.


User Guides

BExIS User Guides are available for individual features and modules. We will keep them updated with each new release and add new ones as new features become available.

Data Planning Module.pdf

Data Collection Module.pdf

System Administration Module.pdf