BExIS 2.6.1

With this patch release the following issues have been fixed:

In the Create Dataset Wizard user entered content is now validated again against the metadata schema. It was disabled for BExIS 2.6.0 because of a bug that could not be fixed before the release.

The performance during the up- and download of primary data has been improved considerable. These processes are more stable now, especially for larger datasets (10.000+ rows).

Another improvement is related to the session time out behavior. Now a user is properly logged off from the system and a message is provided when there was no action for a given time.


For a new installation without version 2.6.0 installed, please use the following package:

If you have version 2.6.0 installed and just want to update, please use the following patch:

Additional Software (.NET 4, ASP.Net)

required if not installed already

Installation Guide


Release Notes


BExIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3

If you have any problems installing or using BExIS 2.6.1 please do not hesitate contacting us at:

This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.