BEXIS 2.8.1

With this intermediate release we provide fixes to a few issues that have been reported for BEXIS 2.8.0. If you are running BEXIS 2.8.0 we highly recommend upgrading to version 2.8.1.

The following issues have been fixed:

The metadata view (part of Search) was not visible when a user was not logged in, although the dataset was set to public. Another issue with the metadata view was that not all metadata was shown correctly, especially with complex hierarchical metadata schemas.

In the system administration module one error has been fixed that occurred when a user, who logged in through single sign on (LDAP) tried to edit his local BEXIS profile (My Account).



For a new installation please use the following package:


To update an existing BEXIS 2.8.0 installation use the following package:


Additional Software (ASP.NET 4.5.2)

required if not installed already


Installation Guide



Release Notes



BEXIS is released under a GNU Lesser General Public License version 3


If you have any problems installing or using BEXIS 2 please do not hesitate contacting us at:

This is a community driven open source project so we are looking forward to any feedback or inquiry about new features.


User Guides

BExIS User Guides are available for individual features and modules. We will keep them updated with each new release and add new ones as new features become available.

Data Planning Module.pdf

Data Collection Module.pdf

System Administration Module.pdf

Data Dissemination Module.pdf

Data Discovery Module.pdf