FUnctionality Sharing In Open eNvironments
Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Question-Answer Modul for BEXIS 2


BEXIS 2 is a free and open source software supporting researchers in managing their data throughout the entire data life cycle. BEXIS 2 has a lot of core data management features supporting the FAIR data principles. Beside data management features additional functionalities could enhance the system usage. Some modules with additional components are already developed.

Many scientific projects are requested to provide their insights to the general public. The demand for information can be very immense for some projects and differ from simple general project information to the provision of simple-language practice-oriented knowledge. However, a way of getting in contact and to communicate are interactive communication tools. There exists different possibilities of such tools e.g. using concepts of a forum, a chat, or a question-and-answer system.

The task is to develop and implement a concept of a question-answer(-comment) system in BEXIS2.