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Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Knowledge Graph Visualization


Knowledge Graphs (KGs) are widely regarded as one of the most promising ways to manage and link information in the age of Big Data. Large-scale knowledge graph visualizations are one of the critical challenges in this domain. A well-designed interactive visualization system can facilitate users’ understanding and consumption of the information

This thesis research would be a part of the iKNOW project, which already its web application has been developed. In the iKNOW project, for the given tabular datasets the respective Knowledge Graph will be built. So, in this thesis research, we aim to provide an interactive visualization for the Knowledge Graphs. The visualization technique and the prototype can be evaluated with the help of the project’s partners in the biodiversity domain.


What are the tasks?

  • An interactive graph-based visualization to facilitate users’ browsing of the generated Knowledge Graph.

This task can be divided into the following sub-tasks:

  • Analysis of the needs and requirements of the KG-visualization
  • Analyzing the existing KG-visualization and find the best appropriate visualization technique for the iKNOW project
  • Adapt (re-design) and customize the selected technique for the project
  • Develop the prototype
  • Embedding the prototype in the current portal of iKNOW
  • User evaluation


What do we offer?

  • A nice working environment
  • An interdisciplinary and international team

Supervisors: Samira Babalou (samira.babalou@uni-jena.de), Birgitta Koenig-Ries (birgitta.koenig-ries@uni-jena.de)