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Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Where do our students go?


For students there are plenty of options to explore new things and learn about different views of the world. One of those options is to change the university and country for a semester or two and see, how others think about a topic. Every year thousands of students take that opportunity and get supported by various national and international programs.

Of course, also the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena encourages its students to take part in those programs. But how many of our students study at other universities and how many students come to Jena?

Answers to those questions can now be found on two new websites by the International Office of the FSU:

Here you can explore the participant numbers of the various exchange programs active at the FSU using a visual interface. You can dig into the numbers by various dimensions and see, where our students come from or go to.


The interface was created in our yearly Open-Data Visualization class. The version now online was created by Björn Barz, one of the students in the 2014 class.

If you are a student at the FSU and like to learn how to create such applications, make sure to join us in the next Open-Data Visualization class!