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Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Java programmer for desktop application development


A HIWI is needed to assist in developing a Java-based desktop application. The application has an emphasis on the UI design. The UI allows users to do project planning activities in a visual drag and drop style. The planning information is obtained from a database (can be relational to file-based (XML, JSON)). The developed plans are stored in XML (JSON). Additionally, plans can be exported as HTML, PDF, and MS Word.

The work needs the applicant to be very good at GUI implementation. Practical experience with SQLite, JSON, and XML is required. Familiarity with PDF, HTML, and MS Word document generation as well as templating engines would be a plus.

The work package is estimated to be done in 6 months. However, a simplified version should be ready in less than 3 months. The applicant is supposed to get started (in JenTower) as soon as the paperwork is done. The communication is conducted via Github and in English. The applicant is expected to be present in the office for at least 50% of the allocated time.

Please send your CV to javad.chamanara@uni-jena.de


Javad Chamanara
Fusion Group, University of Jena