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Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Postdoc Position in the Excellence Cluster “Balance of the Microverse”: Integrative Research Data Management


We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with experience in data management and integration as well as a strong background in software engineering to help integrate the analysis of large data sets from a variety of biological settings.
The Cluster of Excellence “Balance of the Mircoverse” spans a broad set of disciplines from Biology, Chemistry and Ecology and aims to answer crucial research questions by combining expertise and results from these areas. This requires an integrated management of the research data produced in the different parts of the cluster. We envision a data management platform that supports the generation, preservation and integration of FAIR data and that offers powerful provenance management and ways to preserve not just data but also code.
This platform will not be created from scratch, but can build on existing platforms already developed and operated by us.
The technical aim of this project is to develop and implement an integration layer on top of these existing platforms. This layer shall allow federated search across the underlying systems and support data integration. We believe that semantic web technologies will be a useful tool in this context. The postdoc hired for this project will be supported by a fulltime developer in all implementation tasks and is expected to work closely with the scientific coordinator of the Microverse Imaging Center expected to be a major data producer.
The organizational aim of this project is to establish good research data management practices in the cluster. This will require development of a data policy, as well as training and user support. The research data management helpdesk at FSU will support in this task.
For further information on the requirements and what to expect, please refer to https://www.microverse-cluster.de/en/jobs.html?file=files/content/career/jobs/2019_16_Anzeige_Koenig-Ries_PostDoc_Microverse_generic.pdf