FUnctionality Sharing In Open eNvironments
Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Research associate position in computer science / citizen science (m/w/d)


We are looking for a new colleague to join the group as soon as possible. The position is addressing the interpretability and interoperability of field data using Semantic Web techniques and is offered in the context of a joint research project of the Fusion group at the Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems at FSU Jena and of the Citizen Science and the Data Management groups at the Institute of Data Science, German Aerospace Center (DLR) in Jena.


In citizen science and field research, data collection via mobile applications is playing an increasingly important role. A wide range of software frameworks have emerged, which allow to easily create and distribute form-based surveys for collecting data via mobile applications. The attached metadata is rather scarce, so the semantics of the data (what was measured / observed?) often remains unclear.

This limits the reuse of the collected data beyond their initial usage context, as interpretability and integration with other data is hampered. In the joint research project, we develop a methodology and a software tool that allows researchers to easily enrich their forms for campaigns with semantic annotations and flexibly export the collected data into user-defined formats (including the W3C standard RDF). This enables to link data with their machine-readable meaning.

The position which is limited to at most one year can be filled either full-time or part-time and is open to applicants with a MSc in computer science or a related discipline as well as MSc-students in their final year.



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