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Dipl.-Geogr. Andreas Ostrowski

Project Manager of BE Project

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BEXIS2: A FAIR-aligned data management system for biodiversity, ecology and environmental data
Javad Chamanara, Jitendra Gaikwad, Roman Gerlach, Alsayed Algergawy, Andreas Ostrowski and Birgitta König-Ries
Biodiversity Data Journal


Eleven years’ data of grassland management in Germany
Vogt J, Klaus VH, Both S, Fürstenau C, Gockel S, Gossner MM, Heinze J, Hemp A, Hölzel N, Jung K, Till K, Lauterbach R, Lorenzen K, Ostrowski A, Otto N, Prati D, Renner S, Schumacher U, Seibold S, Simons N, Steitz I, Teuscher M, Thiele J, Weithmann S, Wells K, Wiesner K, Ayasse M, Blüthgen N, Fischer M, Weisser WW
Biodiversity Data Journal 27.9.2019
Towards an ecological trait‐data standard
Florian D. Schneider, David Fichtmueller, Martin M. Gossner, Anton Güntsch, Malte Jochum, Birgitta König‐Ries, Gaëtane Le Provost, Peter Manning, Andreas Ostrowski, Caterina Penone, Nadja K. Simons
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 19.8.2019


Visrepo: A Centralized and Open Source Visualization Repository and Knowledgebase
Pawandeep Kaur, Andreas Ostrowski
VisGuides: 2nd Workshop on the Creation, Curation, Critique and Conditioning of Principles and Guidelines in Visualization, Workshop at IEEE VIS
Berlin 22.10.2018
Towards FAIR data in Biodiversity Exploratories project
Andreas Ostrowski, Cornelia Fürstenau, Eleonora Petzold, Franziska Zander and Birgitta König-Ries
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics 24.9.2018
Research data management in action – demonstrating the full range of features of the BEXIS 2 platform
Roman Gerlach, Andreas Ostrowski, Jitendra Gaikwad and Alsayed Algergawy
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics 24.9.2018
Towards an Ecological Trait-data Standard
Florian D Schneider, Malte Jochum, Gaëtane Le Provost, Andreas Ostrowski, Caterina Penone, David Fichtmüller, Anton Güntsch, Martin M. Gossner, Birgitta König-Ries, Pete Manning, Nadja K. Simons
bioRxiv 31.5.2018


Exploratorien zur funktionellen Biodiversitätsforschung - ein DFG Schwerpunktprogramm
Andreas Ostrowski
Landschaftspflege und Naturschutz in Thüringen
Jena, Germany 1.3.2017



Enhance BEXIS2: from pure data management to an information system
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics
Jena 27.9.2018
Showcase: Biodiversity Exploratories Information System – Report of our data migration to a new BEXIS2 instance
ICEI2018 - The 10th International Conference on Ecological Informatics
Jena 27.9.2018


BEXIS2 in the Exploratories: Migration Status
BEXIS 2 User and Developer Conference
Jena 16.6.2017
New Features from the Exploratories for BEXIS 2
BEXIS 2 User and Developer Conference
Jena 16.6.2017

Current Projects

Biodiversity Exploratories - Core Project 4: Data Management
The Central Data Management Project of the Biodiversity Exploratories (BE) Research provides the platform for data storage and information exchange between the different working groups. In this regard, we support BE researchers in their data management activities which includes data collection planning, description, storage and archiving, quality management, discovery, integration, analysis, visualization, publishing and sharing. Such support includes the management of data repository infrastructure, development of tools to support the above listed activities,  help desk, etc. Most of the services  we provide to the researchers are delivered through its online platform called BExIS (Biodiversity Exploratory Information System). BExIS is the data repository and information exchange platform…
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Jena Data Center (JDC)
The Jena Data Center (JDC) at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena is a conglomerate of data repositories belonging to various small to mid-scale biodiversity and ecological projects, that are using BEXIS2 research data management tool. The aim of the data centre is to provide F.A.I.R principles-based data and ensure long-term preservation and availability along with its high-quality descriptive metadata, to facilitate open science and biodiversity conservation. As part of the long-term preservation objective, after the completion of the project tenure, the data centre will integrate the associated BEXIS2 based data repositories within the Jena data centre e-infrastructure so as to ensure the data is available…
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