FUnctionality Sharing In Open eNvironments
Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Dr. Dr. Susanne M Hoffmann

PostDoc Researcher

HomeOffice , Room: Planet Earth


Curriculum Vitae

The term “astronomer” simplifies a rather complicated bunch of graduations and qualifications (e.g. in physics, history of science, media studies/ education/ journalism/ planetarium and observatory technology, project management).

  • FSU+Planetarium Jena (since 2017)
  • guest stay in Indonesia
  • worked in Austria
  • Excellence Cluster TOPOI (Berlin)
  • U Hildesheim (physics)
  • U Hamburg (history of astronomy)
  • worked in Mauretania (winter)
    and Portugal (summer) 2005-2008
  • studied history of science (Berlin, Hamburg) 2002-2008
  • studied physics (Potsdam) 1999-2005
  • several exams in astronomy at observatory Berlin 1996-1998

Whatever I did, in most cases I was programming and a lot of teaching.

Professional Activities


  1. collaboration with Planetarium Jena
    constellations: fulldome visualizations in planetarium
  2. historical data in modern astrophysics


  1. blogging for Spektrum
  2. Talk at Haus der Astronomie (Heidelberg), 06.10.2020
  3. Historical constellations in Planetarium Jena: Nov. 2020
  4. Vortrag am Haus der Astronomie (Heidelberg), 01.12.2020

Publications: here

Talks: here

Research Area

  • astronomy