FUnctionality Sharing In Open eNvironments
Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems


Startdate: 2013-11-30

Status: active

Website: https://www.gfbio.org

Birgitta König-Ries
Felicitas Löffler
Sven Thiel
David Schöne
Fateme Shafie

Former Member:
Dina Sharafeldeen
Kobkaew Opasjumruskit
Marcel Frömming
Davood Hadiannejad


GFBio (https://www.gfbio.org) is a national infrastructure and contact point for issues concerning research data management and standardization of biological and environmental data. The project was established in 2013 with the main goal is to support scholars in all steps of the data life cycle, from acquisition to archiving and data publication. Five years later, GFBio provides a data portal with access to more than 5 Mio biodiversity metadata files. The majority of this data is linked with primary research data which can be further analyzed in an interactive visualization tool. Furthermore, GFBio is the national contact point for submitting biological data and mediates data archiving in dedicated data centers to ensure sustainable, long-term preservation and publication of research data. In addition, it organizes and supports education and training of scholars on all facets of research data management.

Our group is responsible for the data portal, in particular for the data search, user management and integration of tools and services developed by GFBio partners. The focus in the third phase will be on enhanced search functionalities including personalization, semantic searchand linkage of VAT with workbenches such as BEXIS.