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BioOntoVis: An Ontology Visualization Tool

Title: BioOntoVis: An Ontology Visualization Tool
Authors: Nassira Achich, Alsayed Algergawy, Bassem Bouaziz and Birgitta König-Ries
Source: 21st International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management- EKAW
Place: Nancy-France
Date: 2018-11-12
Type: Demo

As the main way for knowledge representation for the purpose of machine understanding, ontologies are widely used in different application domains. This requires more and more domain specific information to be inserted into ontologies, making them harder to be easily understood by a human and there is a growing need to develop ontology visualization tools. However, most of the existing tools focus on either a specific user requirement or ontology-specific features. To this end, in this demo, we introduce a new generic and user-friendly ontology visualization tool, called BioOntoVis, for visualizing and editing ontologies. We present the general architecture of the tool focusing on the web-based user interface and different ontology visualization schemes. Through the demonstration of BioOntoVis, we introduce the tool’s capabilities and highlight its effectiveness and usability.