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Context-aware service discovery, selection and usage

Title: Context-aware service discovery, selection and usage
Authors: Friederike Klan
Source: 18th GI-Workshop on the Foundations of Databases
Place: Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt
Date: 2006-06-01
Type: Publication

Ongoing advances in technology and proceeding miniaturization have led to growing popularity and widespread use of mobile devices. Apart from communication features and basic functionality like address books or organizers users expect of today’s portable and handheld devices to provide more advanced features such as presenting relevant timetable information, a location plan or information about nearby shopping facilities. In spite of the advanced technological opportunities mobile devices are still restricted in terms of computing power, storage space, battery life, available network bandwidth and display size. One solution to overcome these shortcomings is by utilizing external functionality provided by services together with appropriate filtering mechanisms to obtain only relevant information. Since available and required services may vary due to the device’s mobility, the process of service discovery, selection and comparison has to be context-aware. In this paper we present our general idea of a framework for context-aware service discovery, selection and usage. We analyze problems and challenges in conjunction with our approach and discuss related works in this area of research.

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