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Semantic Data Integration in BExIS

Title: Semantic Data Integration in BExIS
Authors: Dennis Heimann, Jens Nieschulze, Birgitta König-Ries, E.D. Schulze
Source: Workshop on Data repositories in environmental sciences
Place: Rauischholzhausen, GER
Date: 2011-02-01
Type: Poster

In order to address the complex ecological relationships of landuse,
biodiversity, and ecosystem prossess, research in ecology progressed
from site-specific approaches with measurements at spatial and temporal
small scales to long-term explorations on larger scales. This research
paradigm is promoted by collaborations and data exchange policies
between research projects, and technical advances within data
management. On this account data reuse and interoperability plays an
important role in information systems design of large scale and
long-term ecological projects. Against this background, providing just a
database system is no longer sufficient – instead a data repository
should also be able to

capture the semantics of its data sets to allow for the disentanglement
of ecological relationships.

    The poster presents our approach of enabling the Biodiversity
Exploratories Information System (BExiS) for data sharing and
interoperability. We have addressed the problem of semantic
heterogeneity within the datasets by relating all data items to concepts
of a common, upper-level ontology which reflects the relationships
between individual ecological topics. The poster describes our
approaches of ontology-based data integration and user-friendly
annotation and shows furthermore an example of the current state of our
underlying ontology.

File: Poster_Dennis_Semantic-Integration-BExIS.pdf