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Towards Standards-Based, Interoperable Geo Image Processing Services

Title: Towards Standards-Based, Interoperable Geo Image Processing Services
Authors: Baumann, P., Brackin, R., and Owonibi, M
Source: Geoinformatik 2011
Place: Munster
Date: 2011-07-20
Type: Publication

The OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) Standard has received high attention among the geo community due to its generality – on principle, any algorithm can be offered via an open WPS-based interface. However, this generality comes at a price: Normally, WPS instances are not interoperable as only the function signature, but not the semantics is described in a machine-readable fashion.

To achieve WPS interoperability we propose to establish specializations (application profiles in OGC nomenclature) based on a well-defined service components and present such an application profile for raster data. It is based on OGC Web Coverage Processing Service(WCPS) which defines a raster processing language

URL: http://ifgi.uni-muenster.de/~schwering/schwering_Geoinformatik2011.pdf