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Why the mapping process in ontology integration deserves attention

Title: Why the mapping process in ontology integration deserves attention
Authors: Samira Babalou, Alsayed Algergawy, Birgitta König-Ries, and Birger Lantow
Source: The 19th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2017)
Place: Slazburg, Austria
Date: 2017-12-04
Type: Conference Paper

In an age where science is often interdisciplinary, it is frequently necessary to combine scientific data from different (sub-)disciplines and thus from different sources. Ontologies can play an important role in this integration process. However, existing ontologies will either cover just a part of the domain of interest or competing ontologies modeling the domain from different viewpoints exist. Therefore, before being able to leverage the power of ontologies, they themselves need to be integrated. This is a challenging task. The core of ontology integration is a mapping operation to identify corresponding concepts. To this end, we present a high-level integration workflow as a clear guideline for the whole process of ontology integration. We then analyze the mapping
sub-workflow in more detail. We identify open issues in this
integration step and discuss the ensuing challenges.