FUnctionality Sharing In Open eNvironments
Heinz Nixdorf Chair for Distributed Information Systems

Jena OntologY Customization Engine (JOYCE)

JOYCE is a scalable tool for selecting and assembling (pieces of) ontologies from a repository and thereby enabling efficient re-use of formalized knowledge. The application includes a conceptual filter to identify relevant classes and minimizes unintended redundancies, i.e. concept duplicates, as well as irrelevant knowledge.

JOYCE comes with a web interface based on Apache Tapestry 5, which is divided into two parts: a configuration section and a results view. In the configuration section, the user can enter a set of terms (keywords) or a text that describes the domain of interest. He can configure the maximum number and the type of objects to be combined (either entire ontologies, extraction-based modules or partition-based modules), the size of the random sample taken in each assembly round, and indicate the importance of each of the 3 optimization criteria coverage, overlap and overhead. Preference values can be low, medium or high.


The results view provides a list of the ontology (module) combinations suggested by JOYCE sorted by their coverage. For each combination, a list of the assembled ontologies (ontology modules), their number as well as coverage, overhead and overlap for each combination are displayed.


Watch our demo video.