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A Conceptual Layer on Top of BEXIS 2

Title: A Conceptual Layer on Top of BEXIS 2
Presenter(s): Friederike Klan, Alsayed Algergawy, Erik Fäßler
Event: BEXIS 2 UserDevConf 2016
Date: 2016-06-09 00:00
Website: Link
Slides: FriederikeKlan_etal_BEXIS_UserDevConf2016_semantic-layer

Formal domain knowledge in terms of ontologies allows to interlink semantically annotated data and thus enables the integration, synthesis and querying of heterogeneous data. Within the Collaborative Research Centre AquaDiva we currently implement such a conceptual layer on top of the BExIS 2 platform. The Extensible Observation Ontology (OBOE) provides the fundamental concepts for the description of observational research data and is complemented by a selected set of biomedical ontologies that define required domain-specific concepts. RDB-to-RDF mappings are used to mediate between the data that reside in a relational database and the conceptional layer by exposing these instance data as a virtual RDF graph that can be queried using SPARQL. Finally, we describe how data can be semantically annotated to automatically generate the required mappings.