Enlightening inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor organization and dynamics applying high-end microscopy

Project Description

The regulation of glycine receptor numbers and organization at synapses is essential for the efficacy of inhibition and the control of neuronal excitability in the spinal cord. Receptor biosynthesis, local recycling and diffusion controlled transport of receptors into and out of the synapse, which is influenced by synaptic clustering and scaffolding, represent important mechanisms underlying adaptations in the amount of neurotransmitter receptors present at synapses. Postsynaptic glycine receptor clusters were significantly reduced in both size and number in spinal cord neurons upon loss-of-function for the membrane trafficking and cytoskeletal effector syndapin I. We now aim at unraveling the molecular mechanisms underlying these defects in inhibitory neurotransmitter receptor trafficking and/or organization upon syndapin I loss-of-function applying high resolution light microscopy in order to be able to reveal postsynaptic receptor clusters and intracellular trafficking compartments that are below the resolution limit for conventional light microscopy.

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