Integrative Data management and processing

Project Description

The overall goal of this project is to provide a knowledge management, sharing and processing platform that will enable the CRC/TR to sustainably store data, to efficiently access and process data as well as to explore new, integrative, and reproducible methods for knowledge generation from data. Such a platform will not only be beneficial to the work of individual researchers, but also crucial for communication of data and knowledge across different projects and/or CRC/TR funding periods. Moreover, it is needed to guarantee the sustainability of the CRC/TR results beyond its funding time. The provisioning of such a platform is challenging due not only to the huge expected data volume, but also the heterogeneity of the data in terms of type and processing needs and the fact, that for most projects, raw data is extensively processed with proprietary software before it is usable to answer research questions.

The main research issues that need to be addressed in the first phase are threefold: (1) The design and implementation of a data storage concept guaranteeing high reliability and scalability to a large amount of data. A hierarchical concept is necessary that takes into account the different requirements of individual projects regarding the efficiency of data access. (2) The design and implementation of a meta database that stores information describing the acquisition, quality, provenance, and interpretation of data. This includes linking to the actual data and processes. (3) The design and implementation of a collaborative platform as part of a virtual research environment that enables the efficient analysis of data across the locations and the participating institutions in Jena and Würzburg. The goal is to make possible this data analysis for a large class of relevant problems in an interactive fashion and to open avenues for interproject exploration and knowledge generation.

Rather than setting up such a platform from scratch, the solution will be based on a state-of-the-art data management platform that already provides a rich set of core functionalities. However, significant research effort is needed for its adaption and extension to meet the specific requirements of the CRC/TR. By considerably extending a popular platform with cutting-edge data management and processing capabilities, the work of this project will be beneficial not only to the CRC/TR, but also to the wider research community.

Beyond the technological development of the platform, another core topic of this project will be the design and implementation of innovative training concepts to ensure a thorough understanding of issues related to data management and processing by the involved CRC/TR scientists.

Over the 12-year course of the CRC/TR, we intend to develop a central software platform to store, manage, and share relevant data and processing information of all projects ensuring reproducibility and sustainability of research results. In addition, the platform will allow for an interactive access and a systematized analysis of the large and heterogeneous data. Thus, this project will not only provide CRC/ TR scientists with a tool to organize and analyze their data, but also foster the exchange of tools and the sharing of knowledge.

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