Organizers: Klaus Benndorf & Markus Sauer


  This symposium will cover relevant topics from all fields of high-end light microscopy
  and its usability to study the function of membrane receptors.



  Brose, Nils, Göttingen
  Canals, Meritxell, Nottingham
  Choquet, Daniel, Bordeaux
  Fahlke, Christoph, Jülich
  Gudermann, Thomas, München
  Heilemann, Mike, Frankfurt
  Hill, Stephen J., Nottingham
  Klostermeier, Dagmar, Münster
  Leurs, Rob, Amsterdam
  Reiner, Andreas, Bochum
  Stöber, Miriam, San Francisco
  Wallace, Mark, London



  Location: Volksbad Jena, Knebelstraße 10, 07743 Jena



  Registration fee for non-TRR166 members will be 100 €.

  Accommodation: We have reserved rooms in ibis Jena City Hotel and Zur Noll.